10 things you must never do on a Job Interview

Hi! It’s so great you are here. This piece prepares you to perform better on a job interview by helping you to avoid doing certain things that all interviewers dislike. These are the ten things you must never do on a Job Interview!

1. Being Late

Lateness is a clear signal that you might not be able to catch up with work time. “Time is money”, says an old phrase. And if it is so, none would want to hire a person who is a time waster that will waste time, a company’s resource that accounts for productivity. In fact, you are supposed to arrive at the interview venue 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Lastly, “better late than never” isn’t a phrase for those who want to make it steadily in life. You get late, you have 20% failed the interview. Never be late for a job interview.

2. Unprofessional Dressing

Dress according to the kind of Job you are applying for. But; don’t put on a wedding suit for a business development manager interview. Dare not dress in night club pants for a Secretary Job interview! Don’t dress in damaged jeans for a Graphic Design job interview. Go not in short pants and a vest for a sports interview! Just dress modestly and in an acceptable manner.

3. Too Much Excitement

Avoid being too much excited. Be cool. Don’t laugh out loud even when the person on the interview panel cracks a joke that triggers your happy emotions. A gentle smile is acceptable. There is a problem with getting too much excited. The other party might think your intelligence isn’t wired well. I have seen people doing some small mistakes such as breaking the wind, sneezing or pouring out saliva because they wanted to laugh at an unreasonable percentage of excitement. Avoid such. Again, I am not saying be too serious with a gloomy face. And also, never get angry or emotional during a job interview.

4. Too Much Talking

Let your talk be on point. The logic here is you must summarize every detail in one minute. Here is a true proverb; “the many the words, the less the meaning” _ King Solomon. Thus, never talk too much at a job interview.

5. Picking Phone Calls

This is self-explanatory. Any communications that come through to you during a job interview will disrupt you. The whole thing is put your phone in silence during an interview. No vibrations, no ringtones.

6. High Salary Expectations

Unless they ask you, don’t talk about money. And this is it! Carry out thorough research and gauge how much you want to be paid or how much the employer can be willing to pay you other than rocket hiking your pay.

7. Rubbishing Previous Employer

Never talk about the bad reasons you quit your previous job! Don’t even say you are looking for greener pastures. It’s much better you say “this job fulfills my career passions, a great opportunity for me to serve”. End of story on this.

8. Giving Wrong Answers

Make sure you give the correct answers to every question. Don’t sound like you do not know the subject. Speak confidently. The easiest way to beat this is to do research about the job interview and find all the necessary answers.

9. Being Nervous

Yes, of course, every job requires high levels of confidence. Practice how to be confident. Being nervous is a character of most losers. Never be among those. Be confident. Build it. Love yourself. Improve your speech. Interact

10. Miserable Body Language

By the time you are looking for a job, it means there are perhaps certain financial or social situations that you believe this new job will solve. May be I am wrong about that but; put your miserable face off. Don’t remember your hunger, anger or disappointments. Smile. Look into the interviewers face boldly but gently. Let your face, eyes, head, ears and entire body do the talking. Node your head back and forth as you say yes! You must have gotten me right.