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Visa Application

Visa/Permit Application Services

The government of Uganda introduced a Visa/permit application system with effect from 1st July 2016. All persons intending to travel to Uganda for trade, work, tourism or other reasons must apply for a Visa or Permit in order to abide with the national immigration and foreign laws, guidelines and formalities of the Republic of Uganda.

In the same manner, foreign nationals intending to enter Uganda for purposes of employment should comply with requirements for expatriate employment in Uganda.

EliteIn can help you to process your Visa or Permit if you are traveling to Uganda. Please check the following Visa or Permit Types and their categories and requirements; We are on the standby to process your Visa or Permit. 

Visa Application FAQs

Important Information

Yes, we charge you for helping you to process your Visa.

No. We handle the whole process for you. You do not need to visit any Ugandan embassy.

Yes. Extending your current valid visa or permit can be done through “Extend your application”. We can do this for you.

While sourcing for Visa/permit application services from EliteIn, you are supposed to provide us with the following documents about yourself;

(1). Valid passport, (2). a copy of your passport’s information page, (3). a recent passport sized photo, (4). Vaccination certificate for Yellow fever and covid-19.

It usually takes us 4 to 8 weeks to have your Visa/permit ready.

Contact Us

If you are planning to visit Uganda, contact Us to help you apply, extend or recover your Visa/Permit. Write to Us; askelitein@gmail.com

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